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ETH World 2000-2005

The ETH World program came to an end in 2005. This website is no longer updated and contains archival information about the activities.


Institut für Hochbautechnik, D-ARCH
Projekttyp: Infostructure Elements
Keywords: XML, Voice over IP, User Interface Prototyping, UML, SVG, Streaming, Recording (speech, lectures, presentations), Raumreservation, Rauminterface, plug&play Technologie, PHP, Perl, OSGI, Open Source Software, MPEG, Linux, Java, html, Flash, Conferencing (audio, video, files), Apache-Cocoon
Knowhow: Virtual Project Offices, Rauminterfaces, media technology, Gebäudetechnik

The aim of the project is to develop and install an Internet-based system for the control and management of the facilities and services of a lecture hall at ETH Zurich. Different hardware components, such as light, video beamer, microphones and loudspeakers, will be systematically connected. The modular software will control services, such as control of light, sound, presentation system, reservations, video conferencing, automated documentation, etc. The link between the different equipment and with the users takes place independent of specific interfaces and file formats. The goal is a "plug & play" system for a great variety of devices, which offer services like "video", "projection", "sound" or "information". Open standards will be used as far as possible.
The project is structured into two phases: within the first year, the rooms of the Chair of CAAD will be retrofitted with integrated building services in order to install and evaluate different systems in lab-like conditions. User interfaces will be developed and implemented. In the second project phase, which is still to be approved, the results will be transferred into a lecture hall and further developed so that it can be used for further lecture rooms at ETH Zurich and other institutions.

2003/07/01 Project start
2003/11/05 Session Mediaintegration in der ETH
2004/03/20 Integration von Dienstleistungen in die Räume der Professur für CAAD HIL E15.1 und des Seminarraumes HIL E19.1. Datenbankanbindungen, Video Conferencing und Recording Techniken.
2004/04/10 Session Benutzerergonomie
2004/06/10 Realisation von Benutzerschnittstellen, Screens, Reservationssysteme, etc. Erweiterung in sachverwandte Gebiete
2004/09/01 Präsentation und Dokumentation des Systems
2004/10/31 Project end


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