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ETH World 2000-2005

The ETH World program came to an end in 2005. This website is no longer updated and contains archival information about the activities.


Institut für Verfahrenstechnik, D-MAVT
Projekttyp: e-Learning
Keywords: Web Based Learning, Separations Processes, PHP, MySQL, MathML, Interactive e-Learning, Database, Javascript Flash animations

The objective of this Filep project is to create an interactive learning environment for the course in Thermal Process Engineering (Thermischer Verfahrenstechnik, TVT).

The course in Thermal Process Engineering covers the following topics: fundamentals of separation processes; absorption and stripping; flash evaporation; distillation; and liquid-liquid extraction. The course constitutes one of the fundamental subjects for process and chemical engineering students since it shows how the principles of chemical engineering are applied into an industrial context for effective design of processes, particularly multistage separation processes.

The intent of the Hyper-TVT tool is to use the new learning technologies, such as the Web and the Internet, as a didactic support, which complements the traditional lecture and textbooks and can enhance the teaching effectiveness.

Hyper-TVT comprises text, images, animations, videos, links, simulations, and self-assessment tools. As a complement to the usual lecture and discussion with the professor, it provides a very good example of how traditional and non-traditional pedagogic methods can be implemented in parallel to offer a stimulating learning environment to the students.

The tools will allow the students to better understand the physical reality of the separation processes, the industrial world and their future profession.

2001/07/01 Project start
2001/08/01 Definition of needs and concept development
2002/07/01 Content development of the prototype
2002/08/01 Prototype release to students for evaluation
2003/01/01 Concept assessment and revision
Content development of the whole environment
2004/06/30 Project end


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