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ETH World 2000-2005

The ETH World program came to an end in 2005. This website is no longer updated and contains archival information about the activities.


Institut für Baustatik, D-BAUG
Projekttyp: Gemeinschaft aufbauend
Keywords: UML, Structural Analysis, Java, Finite Element Method, E-Learning, Database
Knowhow: Structrual Anaylsis, Software Engineering, Finite Element Method, e-Learning

The program EasyStatics being developed at the ETH Zurich allows the analysis of trusses and frames in a fully interactive way. Its purpose is to help teach students structural analysis and design by developing their understanding and intuition on how real-life structures carry their loads. The program allows to show the image of a real structure on the background of the screen. The students can then model its shape, introduce loads and supports and assign material properties. The resulting displacements and section forces are graphically shown and continuously updated as soon as the shape of the structure, its loads or its support conditions are interactively changed. This is done using the mouse. Trusses and frames or a combination of both can be analysed in this way. All numerical computations are performed by a finite element solver not visible to the student. Because of his interactivity, which - to our knowledge - is not reached by any existing structural analysis program EasyStatics is expected to greatly enhance the student's understanding of structural analysis and design, thus to become a useful teaching tool well adapted both for exercises and for demonstrations during lectures.

2001/01/05 Project start
2002/04/01 Einführung des entwickelten Programms als Lehrmittel für die Computerstatik-Vorlesungen für Bauingenieure an der ETHZ sowie für Vorlesungsdemomostrationen an der Accademia di Architettura von Mendrisio und an der Architekturabteilung der ETHZ
2002/06/01 Fertigstellung eines vollinteraktiven Lernprogramms zur elastischen Analysen nach Theorie 1. Ordnung sowie zur starr-plastischen Traglastbestimmung von Fachwerken und Rahmen.
2002/10/01 Weiterentwicklung des Programms zur elastischen Stabilitätsanalyse sowie zur dynamischen Schwingungsanalyse von Stabtragwerken
2002/12/01 Einführung des Programms als Lehrmittel für Architekten und Bauingenieure an der ETHZ und an der Accademia di Architettura von Mendrisio
2003/01/04 Programmerweiterung durch ein Bemessungsmodul
2004/01/04 Programmerweiterung zu 3-dimensionalen Stabtragwerken
2002/01/04 Project end


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