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ETH World 2000-2005

The ETH World program came to an end in 2005. This website is no longer updated and contains archival information about the activities.


Institut für Mechanische Systeme, D-MAVT
Projekttyp: Information Management
Keywords: Whiteboard, Visualisation, Videoconference, Remote Collaboration, Realtime, Evaluation, Communication, C++, Augmented Reality, Application-Sharing
Knowhow: User Interface, Evaluation, Distributed Systems, C++, Application Development

The aim of the project ?togETHer" is to develop new technologies and tools for the efficient, network-based collaboration of virtual teams.
The project has four phases:
1. Survey of user needs for video and collaborative conferencing systems.
2. Evaluation of products for ?Application Sharing?: the joint use of local applications over a network
3. Development of an application for two-dimensional ?Joint Editing?: synchronous work on a joint document over data conferencing
4. Development of an application for three-dimensional ?Joint Editing?: synchronous work on 3D-objects using augmented reality.
The usability of the new systems will be tested with usage scenarios. The broad implementation of the results within ETH will be supported. The project cooperates with the ETH World project ?Videoconferencing?.

2003/04/01 Project start
2003/07/01 Evaluation: Verbreitung und Benutzerbedürfnisse netzwerkfähige Konferenzsysteme.
2003/10/01 Marktübersicht über Konferenzsysteme.
2003/12/01 Grobkonzept der Datenkonferenzsystemen gemäss Benutzerumfrage.
2004/04/01 Entwicklung von netzwerkfähigen Datenkonferenzprototypen.
2004/07/01 Erneute Evaluation der Verbreitung von netzwerkfähigen Konferenzsystemen.
2005/10/01 Entwicklung der Datenkonferenzsoftware.
2006/04/01 Evaluation der entwickelten Software mit Testszenarien.
2006/03/31 Project end


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