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ETH World 2000-2005

The ETH World program came to an end in 2005. This website is no longer updated and contains archival information about the activities.


Institut für Arbeitspsychologie, D-BEPR
Projekttyp: Gemeinschaft aufbauend
Keywords: Work psychology, Evaluation

ETH World will bring about organizational, technological and social changes to ETH Zurich as a work place. The linkage between physical and virtual space, innovations in teaching and learning, intensified interdisciplinary cooperation, cooperation with external stakeholders, and cross-border forums for knowledge transfer will all have an impact on this change process.
The project metalogue will carry out formative evaluation of ETH World to ensure effective dissemination and broad involvement and to provide regular feedback. Bringing in a work psychological perspective, the project will evaluate as well as influence the design of ETH World.
As an integral part of the community building process of ETH World, metalogue aims to:
- involve a broad variety of actors in the evaluation
- systematicaly support communication
- provide in-depth feedback on motives and expectations towards ETH World
- track actual changes brought about by ETH World
- formulate options for the further development of ETH World.

2001/01/01 Project start
2002/01/31 Evaluation criteria and utility parameters defined. Onset of network analyses. 1st Face-to-face forum for exchange of experiences initiated. Online plattform for formative evaluation is set up.
2002/11/30 Continuation of network analysis; 2nd metalogue forum.
2003/01/31 Feedback of interim results of the results produced by forum for co-construction. Presentation of results of delphi-study. Mid-term report on overall project (incl. recommendations for re-design)
2004/04/30 Results of study 'Cooperative and Self-directed Activities in Computer-Supported Learning'.
2004/07/31 Continuation of network analyses; 3rd metalogue forum. Results of study 'Impact of Mobile Computing on Student's Workplaces'.
2005/03/31 Results of study 'Impact of New Technologies on the Library Workplace'.
2005/11/30 Presentation of summative evaluation and final report; project end.
2005/11/30 Project end


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