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ETH World 2000-2005

The ETH World program came to an end in 2005. This website is no longer updated and contains archival information about the activities.


Institut für Hochbautechnik, D-ARCH
Projekttyp: Gemeinschaft aufbauend
Keywords: Videoconferencing, Multilocational Teamwork, Remote Collaboration
Knowhow: Whiteboard, Remote Collaboration

The main focus of the project is on remote collaboration of architecture students in different universities solving common problems. Within the framework of the advanced elective course ?Plates and Shells? it investigates to what extent interdisciplinary cooperation makes sense from a didactic point of view. The project also simulates professional practice in seeking site-independent solutions to construction problems.

Didactical aspects: In the remote collaboration discussions the students adopt different roles from architectural practice that are seldom explored in an academic setting. The student whose design is being discussed, leads the team meeting. The others students assume roles as specialist architects (construction, structural design, etc.). The project thereby involves a variety of learning goals in the areas of architectural specialisation, as well as social and media competence.

Technical aspects: The project works with standard technical equipment. A computer workstation with monitor, graphics tablet and a simple web cam are sufficient. The data are transferred over the Internet. The homepage, with a simple design and linear structure, serves as platform for the access to and exchange of information. In cooperation with the firm Ground 15 (Zurich) a ?whiteboard? tool has been developed, which enables the collaborative work on plans, drawings, and figures.
The homepage also contains video sequences, Internet presentations and minutes of the Whiteboard meetings.

2002/01/01 Project start
Start des Nachprojektes mt_EAST.jets: Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen des architektonischen Entwurfs mit der TU Braunschweig und TU Aachen, unterstützt durch die remote collaboration (WS 2002/2003)
2001/01/01 Offizieller Start des Projektes m_EAST 01
2001/04/06 Start der remote collaborations mit der Accademia in Mendrision
2001/08/31 Bericht und Auswertung des Projektes m_EAST
2002/01/01 des Projektes m_EAST (Weiterführung)
2002/04/01 Start der remote collaborations mit der TU in Braunschweig und der TU in Berlin
2003/02/04 Ende der Zusammenarbeit
2003/03/01 Ende des Projektes mt_EAST
2003/07/01 Abschlussbericht des Projektes mt_EAST 2001-2003
2003/08/01 Project end


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